Vision For House District 60

I believe that anyone in public office should have a vision of what “could be” for the region they represent. As I have been visiting with residents throughout HD 60, and doing the work here at the Capitol, many issues have come to light. However, one needs to glean through those issues and separate local, district and state issues from the myriad of national concerns. Once I began to focus upon the issues most directly affecting HD 60, a three-part vision came into focus.


CONSERVATIVE VALUES - There is a strong desire in HD 60 for a return to conservative values that were the basis of the formation of this great nation. America was founded upon strong religious principles and strong Christian families made up of a father who leads, a mother who nurtures and children who respect their parents. Paramount to these values is keeping the constitution strong and making sure that our individual rights and freedoms are not infringed.


My vision for HD 60 is that God would be welcome in our government, that we do not apologize for being strong Christian families, that we stand up and defend our constitutional rights, and that we understand that unconditional love does not mean unconditional acceptance.  Traditional family values have been under serious attack during my two terms here at the Capitol.


A UNIFIED DISTRICT - Residents throughout HD 60 have often stated, “Do not forget us when you get to Denver.” It has concerned me to hear that any one of our four counties in HD 60 would have a fear of being forgotten by their representative. If there is one thing Kristi and I have learned in our travels throughout HD 60, it is that we have great people here, and we share the same basic beliefs and concerns. 


My vision for HD 60 is that we become a unit - four counties that come to know one another not only on a political level, but also on a personal level. We share the same values, the same challenges, the same geography and the same representative. I want to see us stand together as one political family!  To that end, I continue to share the “Takin’ It To The House…” articles during the session.


A UNIFIED VOICE - It is a fact that HD 60 is a small, rural, isolated District. However, that does not mean that we cannot be heard in Denver! Most of my four decades in education were spent fighting for small and rural school districts to gain a voice at the state and national levels. I know what it takes to be heard when you are a small group outside the I-25 and I-70 corridors of Colorado.


My vision for HD 60 is that we pull together (see A UNIFIED DISTRICT above) and create a unified voice for me to represent in Denver. We may be small and isolated, but in unity there is strength. I look forward to being able to stand and say, “In HD 60, WE.....” We CAN be heard!  I believe I have made great strides in this area over the past 4 years.


I am honored and excited for the opportunity to represent HD 60 in Denver for the next session of the Colorado Legislature. I have a vision for HD 60 and I hope that you share that vision. Let’s make sure that everyone knows about HD 60!




    Jim Wilson




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