I have a passion for the Right To Life that far exceeds that of the average citizen. I was adopted at birth in 1945. If Roe v. Wade had been the law of the land at that time, in all probability I would have been aborted.


It is interesting that the Greek word for infant applies to both the unborn and newborn. I believe that God has a plan for all His creation and when unborn babies’ lives are brutally terminated before birth not only are we committing murder but we are also interfering with Gods plan.


I will be a strong advocate for Right To Life legislation. We are robbing our society of exceptional individuals every day as abortion upon demand continues to run rampant in America. Tim Tebow’s story is an excellent example of one who should have been aborted according to America’s liberal abortion laws!


If a woman chooses to abort her unborn baby, that decision is between her and her God. I just firmly believe that public tax dollars (i.e. my tax dollars) should not fund the operation.



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