My platform continues to focus on four things: jobs and the economy, education, fiscal responsibility and agriculture/water. As your Representative for HD 60, I will continue to work on the following issues that are priorities throughout our District:
Jobs and the Economy

I will help our rural and small communities develop job opportunities and assist with economic development by focusing on bringing expanded internet broadband service to the District.

Fiscal Responsibility

I will work with fellow legislators to return our state to living within its means. Fiscal responsibility and being a good steward of public tax dollars should be a prerequisite to serving in the Legislature.



I will work toward an educational system that rewards good teachers and prepares students for their future success. I will strive to strengthen our educational system by demanding results and accountability while attempting to return our schools to the task of educating our children rather than raising them.


Agriculture and Water

I will be an advocate for agriculture (one of the two major drivers of our economy) and the protection of our water rights that are constantly under attack.


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