HB 17-1174 Exempt Rural Telecom Local Improvement District Requirements:

  • Allows a rural county with a population of fewer than 50,000 inhabitants to establish a local improvement district to fund an advanced service improvement in an unserved area of the county. Signed by the Governor.

HB 17-1160 K-3 English Learner Reading Assessment Language: 

  • Authorizes a school district or charter school to offer reading assessment in a student’s native language as well as in English. Signed by the Governor.

HB 17-1090 Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit Extension:

  • Extends the Advanced Industry Investment Income Tax Credit Program and authorizes the Office of Economic Development and International Trade to issue state income tax credits to qualified investors. Awaiting Governor’s Signature.

HB 17-1070 Study Drone Use By Public Safety Agencies

  • Requires the Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology and Aerial Firefighting in the Department of Public Safety to conduct a study on the use of unmanned aircraft systems within state and local government firefighting operations. Awaiting Governor’s Signature.

HB 17-1332 Teachers Nonpublic Child Care & Preschool Facility:

  • Authorizes the state board of education to issue an alternative teacher license to an applicant who agrees to participate in an alternative teacher program. Awaiting Governor’s Signature.

SB 17-110 Accessibility of Exempt Family Child Care:

  • Increases the accessibility of legal child care by expanding the circumstances under which an individual can care for children from multiple families for less than 24 hours without obtaining a child care license. Signed by the Governor.

SB 17-123 Seal of Biliteracy For High School Diplomas:

  • Authorizes a school district, BOCES, or institute charter high school to grant a diploma endorsement in biliteracy to a student who demonstrates proficiency in English and at lease one foreign language and establishes the requirements a graduating high school student must meet to obtain the biliteracy endorsement. Signed by the Governor.

HB 17-1042 Increasing Funding For Full-Day:

  • Doubles the amount of funding for kindergarten under the Public School Finance Act of 1994. Democrats Killed in House Appropriations.

HB 16-1106: County Authority To Designate Pioneer Trail:

  • Gives Board County Commissioners the power to designate public roads in the county as a section of the Pioneer Trail. 

HB 16-1198: Concerning Computer Science Courses Fulfilling Certain Graduation Requirements: 

  • Allows high school students to take computer science and coding courses to fulfill a graduation requirement in mathematics or science. 

HB 16-1287: CDLE Pre-Apprenticeship & Apprenticeship Study:

  • The bill requires the department of labor and employment to study the barriers to the use of pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs by Colorado businesses and to make recommendations from the study. 

SB 16-153: County Court Judge Residence Preferences: 

  • Make sure that county attorneys are considered for appointment to vacant county court judge openings. 

SB 15-290:     Colorado Student Leaders Institute:

  • Creates a summer leadership program for eligible 10th and 11th grade students.

HB 15-1170:  Increasing Post-Secondary & Workforce Development:

  • Concerning measures to raise the level of postsecondary and workforce readiness that Colorado students demonstrate upon graduation from high school. 

HB 15-1321:  Flexibility & Funding for Rural School Districts:

  • Supports rural school districts by exempting certain parental engagement and accountability committee requirements.

HB 15-1323:  Changes to Assessments in Public Schools:

  • Reduces the amount of assessments in public schools.  It also codified the consensus recommendations of the 1202 standards and assessments task force.

HB 15-1391:  PERA & Denver Public Schools 5 Year True-Up:

  • Concerning an adjustment to the total employer contribution rate of the Denver Public Schools Division of the Public Employees' Retirement Association.   This bill reduced the employer contribution rate for the DPS Division from 13.75 percent to 10.15 percent.

SB 15-138:  ASCENT Program Funding for Concurrent Enrollment:

  • Designates a certain number of students who meet requirements to participate in the accelerating students through concurrent enrollment (ASCENT) program. 

HB 14-1118:  Advanced Placement Incentives Pilot Program:

  • Gives underserved students across Colorado the opportunity to have access to advanced placement courses.

HB 14-1204:  Flexibility for Rural Schools:

  • Provides some relief for rural districts from CDE reporting requirements as long as the district is accredited or accredited with distinction.

HB 14-1382:  K-12 On-Line Education:

  • Updates online statutes and creates a task force to study authorizers and providers.

SB 14-004:     Community College 4 Year Programs:

  • Allows four year Bachelor of Applied Science degrees to be offered at two year institutions and provides the opportunity for both traditional and non-traditional students to gain degrees in their own communities. 

HB 13-1165:  Creation of a Manufacturing Career Pathway:

  • Creates a career pathway which connects school districts, local district junior colleges, area vocational schools, community colleges, and four year institutions of higher education with adult education programs, local workforce development programs, and regional manufacturing sector partnerships, and allows a student to earn income while progressing along the career pathway. 


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