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April 14, 2019

“Kindergarten Time," Colorado Student Leaders Institute, and the "Long Bill"

After weeks of conflict and controversy over several bills and the state budget, it was finally “Kindergarten Time” at the Capitol.  HB 19-1236 (State Funding for Full-day Kindergarten) was heard in the House Education Committee on Tuesday.  Because of the high levels of interest and support of the bill, the committee was moved to a larger hearing room.  In addition to the large number of people testifying on site, there were also remote testimony sites available across the state.  The final vote on the bill was a unanimous 13-0… Continue Story

March 31, 2019

Stall Tactics, "Sanctuary Counties," and Stipends for Rural Educators


Well, just when you think things are starting to go well, reality strikes you right upside the head!  Last Monday evening, the House Finance Committee had the opportunity to keep the House from falling into the morass of using stall tactics (like the Senate has been doing).  The Senate has been slowing the overall process and specifically they tried to slow the Oil & Gas Bill (SB 19-181).  
SB 19-181 made it to the House last week.  House Minority Leadership appealed to the Majority Leadership to allow an amendment for a Petition Clause as opposed to a Safety Clause on SB 19-181... Continue Story

April 7, 2019

"4 for 4" in Committees, "An Avalanche of Bills," and Joint Budget Committee

To paraphrase George Jones’ hit song The Race Is On, “Now the race is on and here come bills in the backstretch…”.  The last month of the session is upon us and the race is on to get a final bunch of bills into the process.  Going into the Long bill debate last week the bill total was: Senate 235, House 312. Sounds like a lot of bills, right?  The fact is, we usually total somewhere between 600 and 700 bills for a session.  The mountains are not the only ones bracing for avalanches – there is an avalanche of bills yet to come this session... Continue Story

March 24,  2019

The "Kindergarten Battle," the "Read Act," and a Bill to Circumvent TABOR 


Last week marked a first for me in the 72nd General Assembly.  On Monday, I was in the Governor’s Office for my first bill signing under the Polis Administration.  SB 19-069 (Non-Public School Teacher Development Programs) is now set to become law.  Both public and non-public school teachers will now be able to operate under the same guidelines.  
The BIG news at the Capitol this past week was the Joint Budget Committee’s (JBC) action to set aside $185 M to fully fund Kindergarten.  The Kindergarten battle is one I have been fighting for years under the Golden Dome and it appears as if we can see the light at the end of the tunnel… Continue Story



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